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Denver CBers of the year:

  • 2015 - (nobody was worthy in 2015)
  • 2014 - Storm Bringer
  • 2013 - Torque Wrench
  • 2012 - Rubber Band Man

We heard a couple of nominations for CBer of the year in 2015, but in the end none of them were quite worthy of the prize.

Our next nomination ceremony will be Friday, December 30, 2016 on channel 23 from 9:00pm - 9:30pm.  If a disgruntled dead-keyer is trying to spoil our fun on there, try one channel up on 24, if not 25 and so on.  Figure out who the next Denver CB'er of the year should be by giving your nominations while the webmaster listens.

CB Shops in Denver:

Summit Radio - Chuck
7155 E 53RD PL
(303) 287-3306
Simply the best CB shop in the Denver metro area, with fair prices and decades of professional experience.
Directions: I-70 exit 278, North on Quebec St. Pass the TA, left on 53rd, look for the dipole Antron antennas 100 yards down on your right.

CB Shop and More
LOVELAND CO 80534-8738
(970) 663-7617
Specializes in motorcycle CB installations.

Radio Service Center  Update Jan 2019 – Shop is now permanently closed.
918 South Sheridan Boulevard
Denver, CO 80226

(303) 922-8107
This shop is more for hobby folks and HAMs than truckers, but this shop does sell and repair CB radios as well.

20120803-rt_gator_redhead.3gp - Gator and RT discuss a former redheaded lover and Saddam Hussein.

20120820-space_talk.wma - Dead Head talks about space, science fiction, and Taco Bell.

20120830-superior.mp3 - Some CBer claims that he is superior because he has a radio. Also, more talk about Gator turning his prior girlfriends gay.

20120911-blonde_moment_drama.mp3 - The infamous 9/11/12 fight between Blonde Moment and R.T.
Local Denver CB Handles - Channel 19 & 22:

Big BBig B - Big B is a husky woman and Blonde Moment's best friend. She has a weak mobile signal on the West side. What does the B stand for? Just use your imagination.

Big RedBig Red - Big Red can be heard on the North side, amusing himself by stumbling and mumbling his way through drunken weekend nights. His station is somewhere around I-25 and 120th.

Blonde MomentBlonde Moment - Blonde Moment has not been on the air much in the last decade. Some time around July, 2012, Blonde Moment cut 121's coax but then inexplicably became allies with him within only a week or so later. She has a fairly weak signal and isn't on the CB too much these days. However, when she is, there are fireworks!

Bone HeadBone Head - "951" - Bone Head is on often and has some pretty funny things to say. He used to frame houses for a living. His signal is fairly strong from a hill on the West side of town, near Storm Bringer. He has a distinct voice that is easy to recognize, and a signature laugh. He gets along with most everyone. Bone Head has a stronger base setup in his house and a weaker base setup in his garage.

Burrito ManBurrito Man - A former truck driver, Burrito Man can be heard peddling his wares during the morning rush hour on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Burrito Man is well-respected in Denver CB land. Burrito man has a solid signal for a mobile, but Torque Wrench sometimes relays a message for him if he can't quite make the trip. Burrito Man has been selling $4 breakfast burritos that are "about as big as a can of beer" as he puts it. He has been selling burritos since some time in 2008. Nobody on Earth knows the confusing, tangled back roads around I-70 & I-270 better than Burrito Man. Not only can he can skillfully maneuver them with utmost prowess, he gladly directs others to their destinations as well. Burrito Man can usually be found in the area around the TA and Sapp Bros. Burrito Man used to drive a Jeep, but changed to a gold Saturn in 2012 for better gas mileage. This vehicle change is a common topic of morning conversation for Burrito Man. Burrito Man is not allowed on truck stop property at the TA or the Sapp Bros., but will drive a short way to meet you in order to close in on a burrito sale. 121 caught a bunch of flack once for harassing Burrito Man and interfering with his business, which was not cool. Burrito Man was the Denver CBer of the month for May, 2013.- Catch phrase: "Any drivers out there want any breakfast burritos this morning?"

Cliff JumperCliff Jumper - A friendly, optimistic man of the Lord, Cliff Jumper tends to get dragged into political or racial arguments when he gets on the air. People seem to be hostile to Cliff Jumper for no apparent reason, but he seems to let it roll off gracefully. Cliff Jumper operates a Realistic radio with an amplifier, and his signal sometimes interferes with TV signals in his neighborhood. - Catch phrase: "Aw, come on now..."

Dead HeadDead Head - Dead Head watches a lot of TV, with an unhealthy predilection for Sci-Fi and science shows. He likes each of the Star Trek series except for "Enterprise", and sometimes you can even hear Star Trek in the background when he talks. Dead Head will offer his strong opinion on any subject matter you ask him about. He once said that anyone convicted of a crime should be executed, although after reading about that on this web site he said that comment was taken out of context, so we removed it. Since then, he has said that all third-time convicted arsonists should be launched into the sun, so we put it back up. He does not like dogs, or cats for that matter. He has worked at Taco Bell, Burger King and McDonalds. He used to have a tower, but never got around to erecting it. You will often find Dead Head on channel 21 called "Dead Head's channel" to get away from the idiots on 19. - Catch phrase: "I saw on the science channel..." and "I sure as hell hope somebody recorded that"

Bone HeadDragon - Dragon hails from the West side of Denver, near Colfax & Kipling. He is good with computers and is friends with Tiger. He seems to get along with everyone pretty well with the few usual exceptions.

FrostFrost - "Frost Man" is from the West side Lakewood region. He has a fairly strong signal for a mobile in his maroon Subaru wagon.

GatorGator - Hailing from Westminister, Gator is back on the air after a brief hiatus after some storm damage to his base station. A butcher by trade, Gator knows how to hone and sharpen knives. He got the handle "Gator" when officials removed a 6 foot long pet alligator from his yard. Gator admits to having a long track record turning his girlfriends into lesbians. Whiskey is Gator's drink of choice. He has said that he is afraid that someone will creep over to his house and cut his coax line to his antenna, but reminds any would-be trespassers about his ferocious dog. As beastly as his dog is, does get along with cats. Other CBers sometimes get frustrated when Gator babbles on and on without regard to any existing conversations that he is interrupting. Gator often has a microphone feedback problem that he is apparently unaware of, which often makes him difficult to understand. Gator holds Mosh Pig in very high regard. - Catch phrase: "You have no idea..."

Gear HeadGear Head - Gear Head is friends of Grey Wolf and Highway Star. He isn't on too often.

Grey WolfGrey Wolf - "5150" - Hailing from about 20 miles north of Denver, off of 120th, Grey Wolf is one of the most widely liked and respected Denver CBers. He likes classic rock from the 60s and 70s. His son prefers Elvis. Grey Wolf is extremely loyal to those of us lucky enough to call him a friend. You might hear him talking to DXers from time to time, using his call numbers 51-50. Grey Wolf is on more often in the mornings and doesn't stay up too late at night. He is not afraid to express his opinions and is friends with Torque Wrench.

Guitar ManGuitar Man - Guitar Man is also referred to as "G-Man", "Lady Gaga", or "Banjo Man". He does not get along with Kemo, 121, RT, or really anyone. He seems to have an explosive temper, doesn't get along with other CBers. He is rumored to live in his mom's basement. G-Man has been known to cut a coax line or two in his day, then run off wearing cut-off Daisy Dukes. His signal does not carry far, but he stinks up the West Side with this crappy signal.

Half Man Half DogHalf Man Half Dog - This truck driver likes playing with the echo effect knob to distort his voice. Half Man Half Dog often has some hilarious things to say, for example the time that he said that they should make a reality TV show called "CB Slut Swap". He envisions a show similar to "Wife Swap" but would be about Gator trying to pawn off his lesbian girlfriends on RT.

Highway StarHighway Star - Highway Star is friends of Grey Wolf and Mustang, and hails from the North side of town. Highway Star likes camping, and seems to be well-liked in CB land. You can hear a recording of him on YouTube at about 1:10 in this video.

KemoKemo - Kemo is a very nice guy and helps other people. The handle "Kemo" is short for "Kemosabe". He picked the handle to honor a friend who underwent chemotherapy. RT sometimes offers to list and sell some of Kemo's stuff on Ebay for him as a joint business venture. Kemo is difficult to reach by cell phone and has been plagued by health issues lately.

Lady Storm BringerLady Storm Bringer - Lady Bringer was the first Denver CBer to discover this web site when she was bored at work and Googled it. You'll often hear lonely truck drivers hitting on her, fruitlessly trying their hand at 11-remeter romance. She's proud of her new red-haired granddaughter and is a real sweetheart. She looks forward to meeting some of the other Denver CBers in person. What does "L.S.B." stand for? In Denver CB land it doesn't mean lower sideband, but "Lady Storm Bringer". She doesn't like yard work or cooking.

Little FellerLittle Feller - Little Feller hails from the Lakewood area, by Belmar. Bone Head gave him his handle, and he's usually on at night. He would like to meet up with some of the Denver CBers someday.

Mile HighMile High - Mile High drives a Suzuki Samurai. He scheduled fist fights with RT on at least two occasions. The first time, he just ended up showing RT his flashlight. Whatever that means. We have not heard Mile High on the radio in a while. We are not sure where he went, perhaps RT finally kicked his ass.

Mosh PigMosh Pig - Mosh Pig is often referred to simply as "Pig". You do not want to mess this bad ass. Mosh Pig operates a base station on the west side, and loves the flashy Stryker radios. He is friends with Gator, Stalker, and Stone Age, and may despise 121 the most of anyone. You'll often find Mosh Pig on late at night or in the wee morning hours conducting his main hobby in life: threatening 121. He drives a black truck, but has been known to ride a bike to save on gas and get a little exercise. Mosh Pig once blew out the protection diode on his radio when he accidentally switched power supply polarity, then left his microphone on the hood of his truck and lost the microphone in the road when it slid off. Pig was bestowed the elite honors of being the first Denver CBer of the month award, in August, 2012 and also the first second-timer as of June, 2013.

Mountain GoatMountain Goat - "852" - Mountain Goat lives on the West side of Denver off of Colfax, and loves yapping it up in his rocking chair. You might hear him giving drivers help, busting their chops, or talking to skip land, depending on what kind of mood he's in. - Catch phrase: "tattooed, long haired, freaky people"

Mr. CleanMr. Clean - Mr. Clean has a distinct radio voice, with echo effect. Mr. Clean hails from the North side of town, and seems like a nice enough guy. He enjoys spending time with his kids.

MustangMustang - "351" - Mustang is sometimes known affectionately as "Mustang Slowstang". Although Mustang races cars, he drives slowly on highways because he is nervous in traffic. He is a retired truck driver and friends of Grey Wolf. When Mustang keys up, you hear a distinctive cow bell sound. This is caused by two wires that get flicked and vibrate when the button is depressed. Mustang owns a 1978 Buick Regal that he drag races at Bandimere Speedway. He makes it clear that he does not race to win, he races to have fun. His base station is in a shed outside, used as refuge to escape the wife.

NeutronNeutron Also known as "Mr. Diarrhea", this CBer has a weak mobile signal which he uses simply to say "diarrhea" every now and then for no apparent reason. He is friends with RT. - Catch phrase: "diarrhea"

121One-Twenty-One - Also known as "Shark Bait" or "the peanut gallery of Denver's CB scene". Occupying the bottom of the Denver CB totem pole, 121 is generally the most reviled Denver CBer. 121 leads a frustrated quest to become the most powerful Denver CB signal in the daily 11-meter pissing contest. He says he has done roofing, plumbing, carpet work, and boat repair for a living. However, he does not seem to be doing much of anything productive lately. He says that he collects settlement checks from an auto accident he was in as a child. Some say that 121 is on welfare, but he denies that. 121's conversations often focus on his own self-reliance, freedom to do whatever he wants on the radio, and denying suggestions that he leave channel 19. His radio plays George Thorogood's "Bad to the Bone" which he is happy to do over and over. 121 is so annoying to other people that several CBers regularly threaten grave bodily harm on 121, with threats mostly coming from Stone Age, Mosh Pig, and Stalker but others as well. He likes to say "they call me the one-twenty-one" as if people spontaneously started calling him a three-digit number through no choice of his own. Someone tore down and stole his antenna in 2013 and he has not since replaced it. - Catch phrase: "yeah"

OracleOracle - Oracle loves football, beer, and tits, but not necessarily in that order. He is rarely on the CB but people seem to enjoy his conversation when he is.

Outhouse ShakerOuthouse Shaker - This CBer hails from somewhere around the Lakewood and Green Mountain area, and is not to be confused with Shit Wagon.

PumaPuma - Puma was once on quite a bit, but he is more into amateur radio than CB these days.

Red RoosterRed Rooster - It is a little known fact that Red Rooster is not actually a rooster that is red. Red Rooster hails from the I-70 & Chambers area. He is generally nice to people, and seems to get along fine with most everyone.

R.T.Radio Terminator - Most often known by the initials "R.T.", this CBer lives on the South side of town. RT is also a HAM, and repairs electronics for a living. He used to be on the air quite a bit and used a variety of equipment - pretty much whatever he had on his work bench at the time. RT is friends with most of the people on the air, but he has short-lived spats with a few of them from time to time. RT used to live near E Alameda Ave & S Holly St and had by far the loudest and farthest reaching signal in town. He has not been on the air in a while due to some health problems, but we hope for a speedy recovery and return to 11 meters. - Catch phrases: "...on that end", "yuck yuck" and "bad Gator".

Rubber Band ManRubber Band Man - Commonly known by the initials "R.B.M.", this CBer is Half Man Half Dog's cousin. Rubber Band Man was the Denver CBer of the year for 2012 by unanimous viewer nomination, which consisted of one vote from Half Man Half Dog. RBM acquired a bigger radio some time in 2013 so we're pleased to hear him on more often.

S.H.Street Hawk - More commonly known by the initials "S.H.", this CBer lives East of down town a bit, off of Colfax. He is friends with most everyone in CB land. SH keeps cool in the summer with a swamp cooler, and has both a base station and a respectable mobile setup.

Shady LadyShady Lady - The always polite and courteous Shady Lady hails from the Southeast of Denver. She is in a relationship with Swing Shift and is young at heart. Shady Lady almost always asks for a break before talking.

Shit WagonShit Wagon - Shit Wagon swaps out port-o-potties for a living, which causes some confusion between him and Outhouse Shaker, a different person. Shit Wagon runs a weak, mobile signal, usually somewhere around the Thornton area. He loves the Broncos, hates the Raiders, and has a bad temper. He claims to have had a multi-year career in AAA baseball, including a brief stint with the Houston Astros in the 80s before an injury set him back. For what it's worth, his story does jive with what were able to verify from He drives a wood-paneled station wagon jalopy with a 1/4 wave whip on the rear of his vehicle. He has a foul mouth and refers to the bulbous rear of his car as "the God damned ass." When he goes over bumps, reportedly the "God damned ass" bottoms out and sparks fly up. - Catch phrase: "the shit wagon is rolling"

StalkerStalker - This North-sider has gone by a few different handles. He apparently never heard the CB rule that you don't change handles. Other handles have reportedly been "Colorado Asshole" and "The Ambassador". When asked what he is the ambassador of, he replied "the ambassador of ass". Stalker thinks the creator of "needs their f___ing ass beat." Stalker is friends of Stone Age and Mosh Pig.

Stone AgeStone Age - Stone Age was out hunting mammoths and gathering nuts with his tribe when an 11-meter vortex swallowed him up and transported him to the modern day. He is now an air traffic controller by trade. Stone age gave up mammoth and sabertooth tiger flesh in favor of fast food. He is the Machiavellian, self-ascribed CB leader of the amorphous geographic region that he calls "the West Side" which he clings to with great loyalty like a cave man sticks to his own tribe. His paleolithic brain only responds to force, not reason. Assuming everyone else is wired the same way, this prehistoric troglodyte uses threats to attempt impose his will on others. For example, years ago Stone Age parked outside of another CBer's house that Stone Age did not get along with in an attempt to intimidate him. When the man drunkenly reacted to the perceived threat by firing a shotgun out through his own garage door at Stone Age, someone called the police, perhaps Stone Age himself. The man was arrested and is now doing hard time, while Stone Age has no discoverable criminal record. Stone Age voices his spite for the man over the air waves to this day. Given his tactic's prior success, you can occasionally hear Stone Age again stalking other CBers and even threatening their uninvolved family members. Get on this Cro-Magnon's bad side and he will stalk you and order one of his minions to cut your coax with an obsidian spear fashioned together with sinew. Right after he combs his mullet. - Catch phrase: "Shame on the mess.", obnoxious whistling and racial slurs.

Storm BringerStorm Bringer - He is "the bringer of storms" as he puts it. Since RT was knocked off his hill on Alameda, Storm Bringer has become the dominant 11-meter signal in the Denver Metro area. Broadcasting from his castle on Green Mountain, Storm Bringer and fair maiden Lady Storm Bringer are always happy to relay a message for the rest of us mud ducks. Storm Bringer does not stir up much CB drama, so perhaps his handle is not so fitting in that regard. He does not seem to get along too well with 121, but that's not uncommon so we will forgive him for it. He likes dream catchers and bow hunting. Storm Bringer has been spendnig more time on channel 22 lately.

Swing ShiftSwing Shift - Swing Shift seems to be well received on the radio. He is in a relationship with Shady Lady.

Speed RacerSpeed Racer - This new CBer is Mustang's grandson and is Mustang's head pit boss at the raceway. Speed Racer cools down Mustang's car, helps him with weather, and chose the handle "Speed Racer" in August, 2012.

Teddy BearTeddy Bear - Teddy Bear lives near Thornton Pkwy & I-25. She used to be a tow truck dispatcher and even drove a tow truck herself sometimes.

TigerTiger - Tiger had a patent idea in the 90s to put a gyroscope-stabilized camera in a cue ball that people can gamble on from another room. He gave up on his idea when he could not attract investors. He is friends with Midnight Dragon.

Torque WrenchTorque Wrench - A pillar of the Denver CB community, Torque Wrench is on the west side of I-25 on 104th and has been into CB since sometime around 1969. Torque Wrench served our country and now serves us on channel 19. He has a calm and polite demeanor, and operates some kind of machinery shop. His signal is one of the loudest in the metro area, and his carrier wave has been blaring for decades in Denver. Torque Wrench owns 9 rental properties, and seems to attend a lot of weddings. He sometimes tries to sell machinery over the CB. Examples include a 4000 watt generator, acetylene welding torch, and a crank-up antenna mast. He's threatened to hang up his mic permanently, but we would hate to see that. He is on early in the morning and throughout the day, but not on much during the witching hours. Torque Wrench was the well-deserved Denver CBer of the month for February, 2013, as well as the 2013 CB'er of the year. - Catch phrase: "yeah no doubt"

TradewindsTradewinds - A nice elderly man who is sometimes referred to as "T.W." He seems to get along with everyone. He seems to have a weak mobile signal and a stronger base setup, possibly on the East side of town but we are not sure. He has not been on too much lately, just every so often.

TroublemakerTroublemaker - This South-sider is good with computers. His wife "Giggles" gets slightly annoyed by him being on his base station if he is too loud. He does a great impersonation of Gator, complete with feedback squeal. He is friends with RT.

TurtleTurtle - Turtle is a tattoo artist near the TA on I-70 & I-270. The Burrito man of the tattoo world, Turtle sometimes solicits business on channel 19. Catch phrase: "Anybody need a tattoo today c'mon... Anybody need to fix a tattoo c'mon."

TwisterTwister - Denver CBers don't seem to mind when Twister blows on to channel 19.

WelderWelder - Welder hails from the Conifer region. For fun, Welder does bracket racing with Mustang. He wants the cable networks to do a show about him and Mustang called "Bracket Trash". He returned to the air waves recently after a prolonged absence. Welder is also friends with Torque Wrench, Gator, and just about all the other Denver CB regulars. Powered by an 800 watt tube linear amplifier, Welder's base station has a slight hum sound in the background due to old tubes that he thinks are really due to be replaced. It does seem to get the job done though; he has a loud and powerful signal with wide coverage over the metro area.

WingmanWingman - Wingman jumped on to the Denver CB scene sometime around February, 2013. Other CBers are sometimes confused about whether his handle is "Weed Man" or "Wing Nut". It's "Wingman" people, get it right!

Wolf ManWolf Man - Wolf Man has a highly refined and sophisticated sense of humor that is often over the heads of other CBers. He is slightly East of down town Denver.

Denver's channel 19 Rules:

  1. There are no rules on channel 19
  2. No changing your handle
  3. Use one of the other 39 channels to test your radio
  4. If you don't like what someone is saying, turn the radio off
  5. Leave uninvolved family members out of CB quarrels


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